Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Take Action Now, Grab Helium Coin (HNT)

One of the best cryptocurrency has emerge to the market. It being developed by Helium. It's known as Helium HNT.

HELIUM Blockchain is now powered The People’s Network using LoRaWAN LongFi technology which has 200x more distance than WiFi.

Hotspots provide miles of wireless network coverage for millions of devices around you using Helium LoRaWAN LongFi, and you are rewarded in $HNT for doing this. And because of an innovative proof-of-work model (we call it “Proof-of-Coverage”), your Helium Hotspot only uses 5W of energy. Helium Hotspots earn HNT coin for building and securing network infrastructure and transferring device data.

The amount of HNT coin distributed to Helium Hotspots by HELIUM Blockchain depends on the type of “work” they perform based on the value to the network. This validation of network contribution is accomplished by a new work algorithm called Proof-of-Coverage (PoC). To participate in PoC, Helium Hotspots receive instructions (or ‘challenges’) to transmit payloads to any nearby Hotspots to witness and verify. These single-hop challenges are also known as ‘beacons’. Helium Hotspots without neighbors earn less as they can only issue Challenges, and are unable to have their beacons verified.

Helium Entropy Cycle (HEC) is a way to earn Helium $HNT coin via collaboration cloud pools services provided by HNThold. Client who’s subscribe Helium Entropy Cycle (HEC), can earn a portion of $HNT coin on bi-weekly basis as we do expand our LoRaWAN IoT services running under The People’s Network

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